Keep Calm - Everything is ready

We have prepared a lot of advertising and promotional materials to help you sell Miracle.

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We present some of those promotional materials that have already been developed and are actively used by our partners

Web-site and "Find a store" page

We ready to present you our Website 2.0, that allows your customers to find out all necessary information about Miracle. Also on the site, the page "Find a store" provides information about all the places where the customer can buy Miracle - all our partners are automatically placed on this page.

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Mobile version of website

At present, more and more people are using mobile devices to find the goods they need. We specifically made the site Miracle convenient for use on mobile devices, so that more and more people were able to find information on our mirrors and glass.

Brand catalog

In the catalog, developed by our company provides complete information about the products, as well as the benefits that may affect the choice of the consumer. This catalog will help you to visualize the information about the mirrors and glasses Miracle in any of the stores, without the use of electronic presentations and the Internet.

Brand torque stand

Get speciall designed for our partners Brand Torque Stand with samples of Miracle mirror and glass and other materials (we can develop various embodiments of the facades of the stand, with various materials). This stand will provide you significant increase in sales for Miracle products and don't will give customers pass by your store.


Now all accessories are in the process of redesign, we believe that even the little things like bags, pens, notebooks, etc. really effect on the brand positioning in the market. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with a full range of these accessories in the near future.

Layouts of advertising banners