Be confident in Miracle

All of our production passes a multi-stage
testing before it gets to our dealers.
We organized the whole system to ensure
that you receive only the finest quality
products and do not doubt the Miracle
mirror and glass.

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4-stage checking system of Miracle

Discover our product inspection system and be sure that your Miracle - highest quality mirror and glass that exists in the market

Stage #1: Manufacturing inspection

At each stage of manufacturing of Miracle, mirror and glass is checked for compliance with the declared product quality. This is one of the most complex scanning processes that require attention and on which depends the final view of the mirror and glass.

Stage #2: Postproduction check

After the miror and glass ready, our employees inspect it for defects. Each sheet of mirror and glass is thoroughly tested to ensure that you will never have any problems with Miracle.

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Stage #3: Checking the the packaging

After all products are ready - we load it in special boxes. The entire packaging process is carefully controlled in order to avoid mechanical damage of production during transportation.

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Stage #4: Loading and unloading of the container

All packaged products are loaded into the container so as to avoid damage to the mirror and glass. The whole process of loading and unloading is accompanied by a special inspection, controlling every stage of action. All this is done to ensure that Miracle conform to the characteristics and quality of which we affirm.

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