Distinct Miracle from the
sandblasted mirror and glass

Miracle mirror and glass is material of new generation, that far surpass sadblasting technology for all characteristics, manufacturing technologies and processing.

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Learn five differences between Miracle and Sandblasted mirror and glass

Miracle mirror and glass

Sandblasted mirror and glass

In Miracle mirror and glass figure is located inside the glass. Front side of Miracle remains polished, so it making easier to clean mirrors
and glass.

Sandblasting is applied to the front side of material and makes it difficult to clean the mirror or glass. The front side of the material remains not polished.

Technologies of Miracle mirror and glass enables to produce the smallest details of pattern.

Sandblasting is not able to reproduce on the material the smallest part of the texture, which makes it impossible to use the many exciting and beautiful designs.

With Miracle technologies mechanical damage to the face mirror or glass surface excluded, as there is no mechanical impact.

By sandblasting processing of mirror and glass there is always a risk, that front side of mirror or glass after processing may has small scratches.

With chemical printing of pattern there is no additional tensions in the glass or mirror, as in using mechanical processing of sandblasting. That reduces risk of broken mirror and glass.

Mechanical processing of sandblasting creates a tension in the glass, which results in numerous damages of material.

Chemical frosting of pattern more evenly in contrast to sandblasting.

The mechanical process of sandblasting can not provide an absolute evenness of texture.