Do not allow
deceive yourself

Most companies may deceive you by selling similar products under the guise of Miracle mirror and glass. Do not allow deceive yourself - buy only high-quality and proven products. Our production passes numerous tests before it get into your home - so we guarantee the quality of our mirrors and glass.

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How to recognize the Miracle
among analogues

We prepare for you some distinctive features
on which you should pay attention at purchase.

Check Dealer Certificate

Our company try as quickly as possible send the certificates to our dealers. If store has this certificate - you can be sure, that you buy Miracle mirror and glass. Also you can check all dealers certificates on our website.

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"Find a Store" page

Information about the dealers most rapidly appears on our website. You can check the availability of the dealer's store in the list on the page "Find a Store". If the dealer is on the list - then you can make a purchase without a doubt.

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Promotional Materials

We want our client to be able to get as much detailed information about the products, so we try to provide all of our dealers with promotional materials. It can be Brand catalogue, brochures, posters, brand torque stand etc. If dealer has it - quite possibly he offers you exactly Miracle mirror and glass.

Exclusive Designs

Miracle now - it is four collections of mirror and glass, but every six months or less we update collections and add new exclusive designs, that neither company has. Be sure that when you buy Miracle - you choose the most modern and exclusive mirrors and glass

New branded samples

Almost every our dealer has a samples of Miracle mirror and glass, that he can show you. From 2016 year we will produce new branded samples of Miracle mirror and glass with Miracle logo and the name of design at the bottom of the sample. Branded block made with the same technology as Miracle mirror or glass - so you can be sure that dealer show you real Miracle designs.

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We have nothing to hide
in our hands

Provide open and accessible information on our products, take care that the customer purchases only high-quality and proven products - an honor for us. We will continue to do everything possible in order to Miracle continued to delight you and decorate your interior.

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